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The Arrow 180cc pipe (part no. 53006AE) is actually made for the Runner 180 and this causes a few problems fitting it to a Dragster 180 where the coolant hoses go down and under while Piaggio runs the hoses straight forward from the cylinder head and water pump on the Runner. The following guide explains how you can solve this problem and thus fit an Arrow 180cc pipe to a Dragster successfully.

Parts needed:
2 meters of coolant hose, 8 clamps, engine coolant.
Estimated time to complete: 3 hours.

After removing the default Italjet exhaust and bolting on the Arrow pipe you can see here (pic's 1 & 2) that the coolant hoses are too close and will probably end up melting due to the proximity of the exhaust. The way we solved this problem was to remove some of the hosing (apart from the hose that comes directly from the cylinder head). Then it was a case of un-screwing the floorboards along with the bottom tray and the lower front panels in order to gain access to the rest of the coolant piping. We then cut about 20cm of the metal piping located at the front of the Dragster (pic 3) and removed the part that goes back towards the motor where the fan switch is located. After cutting the pipes to size, you can discard what's left over.

With cutting now done, at a later stage you will need to fit new hoses and clamps so you will now have to gently pry apart the metal coolant pipes (pic's 4 & 5).

We then went back to the engine, remember we kept the hose from the cylinder head, this was then re-routed (pic 6) under the passenger foot peg and then inside the right hand floorboard section and clamped together (pic 7). The hose from the water pump is then run alongside the hose from the cylinder head and underneath the right-hand floorboard, the hoses fit neatly together here (pic 8).


A 5cm piece of pipe was used to connect the stock cylinder head hose to the hose that runs forward (pic 7). The ends of the hoses (at the front of the bike) are then attached to the metal piping and clamped together tightly (pic 9). WARNING!! Make sure the hoses are re-fitted correctly! The hose on the right should come from the cylinder head and the hose from water pump should be the one on the left. With coolant pipes now re-fitted stand back and see how well it all fits, notice that the coolant pipes are now well clear of the Arrow pipe (pic 10).

Finally put the remaining body parts back on and fill up with coolant.
The Dragster which we used in this exercise has also been equipped with a Malossi 172cc high compression cylinder kit, a 26mm Dellorto carb, Malossi carbon reeds, Malossi Multivar 2000, Malossi kevlar belt along with the lovely looking (and sounding) Arrow pipe:


Words & Pictures: Jonas Erasmie aka 'Dragster Pilota' / Mikael Bostico at Hojladan, Stockholm, Sweden.