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Hello and welcome to the site dedicated to the Italjet Dragster. To this day, the Dragster is still a bike like no other, with its radical looks and adrenaline pumping performance the Dragster is a bike which shatters all illusions and misconceptions of what previously defined the 'scooter'.
Established in October 2000, this site is for Dragster owners by Dragster owners. Here you'll find info on tuning, styling and modifying your Dragster - take it to the MAX.
Email: Paul Robinson (Creator)


11/11/11 : Things have been quiet for some time now with no real news to report from within the Dragster fraternity. But news has recently surfaced of a new Italjet Dragster in the form of a prototype which could be seen at this year's EICMA show in Milan. Luckily I got the chance to visit the show and see the prototype first hand.

Italjet Dragster 50cc prototype (2011)

Sporting redesigned bodywork, the 50cc prototype I saw is at this stage more of a mock-up, the engine that's in the model isn't final and there are some other design changes being considered including a larger 12 inch front wheel. Engines haven't been confirmed but there are rumours of Piaggio engines. "Made in Italy" seems to be the intention behind the new Dragster after having talked to Italjet boss Massimo Tartarini. A week ago Massimo emailed some concept images to me which I've uploaded to petrolmag.net, you can find them here.
Photos of the prototype at EICMA can be seen below:

More news as and when it transpires...
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12/02/10 : The all new PETROL website is now live:

PETROL Scooter Magazine

PETROL Scooter Magazine

PETROL Scooter Magazine

Talk of ressurecting PETROL Scooter Magazine began during the summer of 2009 when an offer was made and a deal with Adrenalin was done. What followed was several months of web development to turn PETROL into an online magazine. The results are now live for all to see. Head on over and have a look for yourself: www.petrolmag.net

15/12/09 : The time has come...

PETROL: 2010 - The phoenix rises!

20/02/09 : In terms of format it's essentially a motorcycle but with an 850cc V-Twin engine with no gearshift it's an automatic scooter. Whatever it is, I love the look of Aprilia's concept bike the 'Mana X'. The photo here is apparently very close to the production Mana. Features include a large storage bay big enough to store a helmet and an electronic ride-by-wire system that features multiple throttle maps. By all accounts the V-Twin was developed in-house by Aprilia, it was clearly expensive to produce and parent company Piaggio want to recoup that money as quickly as possible. It looks really trick and I'd love to have a ride on one!

Aprilia Mana X Concept

19/02/09 : News updates have been few and far between from me lately. Sorry about that! Hopefully things will change now as I begin to get my act together and update the site over the coming months. Official Dragster news is unfortunately few and far between, we've received no official word from Italjet since the last email I received from them about a new Dragster prototype being put together for the Milan show last November. Meanwhile the forum here at ItaljetDragster.com remains as active as always and original Dragsters in as near as new condition are becoming increasingly sought after.
With most of the winter weather behind us (all being well) hopefully we'll start to see some decent riding weather. If you're a resident in the UK and looking for places to visit then why not go to the Ace Cafe in London on Sunday March 15th? It's the annual Auto Scooter Sunday (or 'ASS' for short). Previous years have seen auto scooter riders flock to the Ace in big numbers. It's a good place to look at custom scooters and meet other scooterists. I'll be there this year and hope to see some of you there if you can make it.

30/09/08 - IT'S BACK!

Better late than never, you can find the new forum here:
Italjet Dragster.com Forum... sorry for the delay.
Members can log-in using their existing username and password, so there's no need to re-register.
Tweaks and visual changes are still in progress, there may be a few minor glitches but these can be ironed out. I'm currently trying to get the old forum to redirect to the new forum, in the meantime, please use the above link and spread the word, thanks.


As some of you will know, the forum is currently closed at the moment. The upgrade of the new forum has now taken place and I am currently in the process of setting everything up and fine-tuning it before making it available to everyone. So please bear with me on this, things will be back to normal soon. The new improved forum has a bunch of new features for you to enjoy so the down time will be worth it in the long-run. I would like to thank those of you who kindly made a donation towards the cost of the forum upgrade in particular Andy 'Doc' Pearson at PSN Scooters who made a substantial donation towards the cost of upgrading the flux capacitor... sorry, upgrade.


14/08/08 - FORUM UPDATE

Here's the latest news on the forum. Having spoken to the company that hosts the site, the upgrade to their servers (which is causing the forum to stop functioning) cannot be downgraded. I'm told that over time, software evolves and my ISP needs to upgrade their servers with more current versions of PHP, etc. This means that a website that worked on PHP4, for example, may not work on PHP5 without modification. So if we are to retain all existing member profiles, posts and threads etc. on the forum then the only solution is to upgrade it from UBB.classic to UBB.threads. This will be a positive move for you, the member, as the forum will have some new features and of course it'll be up-and-running again.
The only downside for me is the cost, which is currently $300 ($199 for a UBB.threads Standard License plus $99 Member Area Renewal (which I'm told is necessary) to access upgrades for 1 year). Other than scrapping the forum and starting all over again with a completely different forum (which I think would be disastrous for the forum and the online community that we have) this is the only way to get the forum working again. Italjet Dragster.com currently receives no income of any kind so the only way to fund this is out of my own pocket. One member, Stephen Moll (aka Kingston Dragster) has just sent me a donation, out of the blue, towards the cost of the upgrade. Which was very kind of him. Thanks Stephen! If anyone else wishes to send a donation to cover the cost of the upgrade then you are most welcome to, but this is by no means to say that it is compulsory. Every little helps as they say. To send a donation, simply click on the PayPal icon below which will take you directly to the PayPal website:

11/08/08 - FORUM PROBLEMS...

I'm aware that there are problems with the forum at the moment. For the technically-minded, it appears to be a PHP compatibility problem... The current version of the forum (UBB.classic 6.6.1) uses an older version of PHP and given that the hosting company I use have recently upgraded their servers so that they are compatible with PHP 5, the forum will no longer function correctly. I'm in the process of contacting the hosting company to see if they can help resolve this. Another option is to upgrade the forum to the latest version but this will incur a cost. In the meantime, please bear with me while I try to fix this.


Sadly I can't offer you any free fuel but what I can offer you is free reading material in the way of PETROL Scooter Magazine, ISSUE.01 of which is now available for your viewing pleasure online. Utilising the technology supplied by issuu.com, reading and browsing through magazines has never been easier on a computer. To view the first issue of PETROL online, simply click on this link. Here are a few screenshots to whet your appetite:




01/02/08 - PETROL ISSUE.08:


OUT NOW and available from all good scooter dealers is PETROL ISSUE.08. After feedback received since publication of the last issue, this issue has been dedicated more towards custom scooters.
Contents include: Twin Peaks - Scooter Center's latest creation X Factor - PM Tuning's X2 sprinter 24 hour endurance racing in Belgium Scootering Scandinavian style Scooter Attack Scooter Weekend Wheelie & Speed Records Weekend Straightliners 2007 Plus more custom scooters, news, products, tuning info and more...
Check out the official PETROL scooter mag website: www.petrolmag.net for more info.

31/10/07 - : I've just ordered one of these, it's a portable GPS unit called the Satmap Active 10. The difference with this GPS compared to other handheld GPS units is that it combines OS maps with all the GPS functionality you'd expect. The Satmap is designed for outdoor use meaning it's robust and water resistant. What's this got to do with scooters? Well, you can buy a mountain bike mount for it so with a bit of persuasion this could be a solution for those of you considering buying a portable GPS that you could also take with you on a ride. The Satmap is likely to set the benchmark for future portable GPS units, however they're not the cheapest around at 300. The Satmap has a UK base map by default which covers all the main roads you're likely to travel on in Britain. Additional maps are supplied on SD cards and cover all the regions and counties and National Parks in the UK in great detail (1:25K and 1:50K OS maps which are as good as you can get).

Satmap Acitve 10 GPS

More info at: Satmap.com

07/09/07 - PETROL ISSUE.07:


The latest issue of the popular FREE scooter mag - PETROL has been out a few weeks now and by now you probably don't need me to tell you it's available from all good scooter dealers across the UK. Issue seven contains stuff like:
Marita - Scooter Center's sprinter Green Goblin - custom Beta Ark Test Rides: CPI GTR 50 / Keeway F-Act 50 / Kymco Agility S 50 Bike Launch: Gilera Fuoco 500 Stunting: Jonas Johannson Darkside - Belgium 2007 Straightliners Plus: the usual news, products, tuning info and more...
Check out the official PETROL scooter mag website: www.petrolmag.net for more details.

03/08/07 : The annual Wheelie & Speed Records Weekend is set to take place at Elvington, North Yorkshire once again on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September. As well as some of the fastest machines blasting up the drag strip, there will also be a stunt riding competition, open to all and sundry at a bargain price of just 15 which is how much it costs to get through the gate for the weekend for punters anyway, so effectively it's free entry!
The event organisers are Trevor Duckworth and Dave 'Dodge' Rogers, Dodge has asked us to let you all know about the stunt comp, with the hope that maybe there'll be some scooter stunters out there who are interested in having a go. And that's not all. On the Saturday afternoon, there's the ride-in Streetfighters show. This year, PETROL Scooter Magazine will be sponsoring a 'Best Scooter' category. So anyone with a tricked-up scooter is more than welcome to enter.
If you wish to enter your scooter into the show, you don't need to pre-enter or anything - just turn up on Saturday and be there before about midday and have your bike in the show for a couple of hours minimum, judging will take place at some point between 1 and 2pm. We hope you can all make it for what promises to be a great action packed weekend.
So come along and show some support! If you've got any questions or queries about the event then don't hesitate to get in touch. The stunt riding competition is open to riders of all abilities so don't be afraid to give it a go! The Wheelie & Speed Records Weekend will be covered in Streetfighters and PETROL.

07/07/07 - If, like many other Dragster owners, you've been looking for a pair of replacement coolant hoses for your scoot, then look no further, because HEL Performance can now offer a replacement set of hoses for the Dragster 125/180. They come in a vareiety of colours and cost 37 (inc. VAT) per pair.

To order, phone HEL Performance on 01392 811681. Website: www.helperformance.com

15/06/07 - Scrap those grubby old Dragster brake lines of yours and give your Dragster a bit of sparkle with the added advantage of improved stopping power with a set of brake lines from HEL Performance.

The good news is they're available for other makes of scooter too. If HEL can't supply you with any then send in your old brake lines and they'll make you a replacement.
The product comes as a complete - Stainless steel brake line kit including:
- Stainless steel braided brake hose
- Stainless steel fittings
- Stainless steel banjo bolts
- Copper washers
- Manufactured for your exact make, model and year
- Choice of PVC coloured protective cover
- Lifetime warranty
Price around 24 each. To order, phone HEL Performance on 01392 811681. Website: www.helperformance.com

06/06/07 - PETROL Scooter Magazine is one year old today. A big thankyou to everyone who has supported the magazine to date. Here's to another fantastic year!

22/05/07 - PETROL ISSUE.06:


The latest issue of FREE scooter mag - PETROL - is out now and available from all good scooter dealers across the UK. In issue six you will find the following reading material:
Ace Cafe London Auto Scooter Sunday Test Rides: Derbi GP1 50 Open / Keeway Matrix 50 / Kymco People S 125 Made In France: Furax DNA Scooter Attack Custom Show 2007 Squires Cafe auto meets Plus: the latest news, products, tuning info and more...
Check out the official PETROL scooter mag website: www.petrolmag.net for more info.

30/04/07 : A common problem with Dragster 125/180s is overheating, one cause is rusty old water pipes which can clog up the radiator. Well Dragster owner, Darren Grant has done the right thing in having a brand new set of water pipes manufactured out of high grade (316L) stainless steel:

And the good thing is these replacement pipes are available to buy. The cost is 119.99 which includes free delivery. To order a set, contact Dazspeed on 01723 374038 or visit their website at: www.dazspeed.com

26/03/07 : The guys at Motophoto in Potters Bar are having another open day on May 20th. What's it about then? It's basically a photography studio open day where members of the public can have their bike / scooter professionally photographed in a studio with or without a glamour model.

Motophoto Open Day 20/05/07

The cost to have your bike professionally photographed is just 25 and you can take home with you a CD of all the images from the shoot. Photo's can also be printed on the day. Poster size prints can be ordered.
What's more, the Motophoto photographers will be on the look out for any potential feature scooters for PETROL Scooter Magazine. So here's also your chance to get your scooter featured in the pages of PETROL.
Studio Three,
Cranborne Industrial Estate,
Potters Bar,
Tel. 01707 661191
Doors open at 10am and the open day will continue until late. Click on the flyer above for more details or check out the Motophoto website at www.studio-three.org

28/02/07 - PETROL ISSUE.05:


Candy Blue Shocker: Custom Runner Three Wheels Good? Piaggio MP3 Made In France: Lazareth TMax Nifty fifties: Keeway, Kymco + Peugeot road tests EICMA, Milan show Plus: news, products + tuning info and more...
Available for FREE from all good scooter dealers...

Or, subscribe and get a free t-shirt at the official PETROL mag website: www.petrolmag.net

30/01/07 : A few Dragster bits for you... If you've removed your standard air filter box from your Dragster 125/180 and have been looking for a bracket to support the hugger, then Karl Russell at Quality Chrome in Hull can supply you with one of these bling laser cut stainless steel brackets which come highly polished like chrome. Price is 15 plus postage. Give Quality Chrome a call on 01482 589838 or visit their website.

PSN Scooters in Batley, West Yorkshire have been selling these for a few months now - CNC machined brake caliper brackets. PSN came up with a solution to prevent the rather distressing and increasingly common problem of broken brake caliper lugs on Drag 125/180s. A common cause of rear brake mounts failing is due to riders forgetting to remove their security chain when starting the bike, which spins the wheel thus jamming the chain against the caliper mount breaking it off, or weakening it so that it breaks under load. So rather than being faced with the grim prospect of having to replace engine cases, PSN have come up with a brake bracket that can either be welded on (recommended) or bolt mounted (which strengthens the casings) on to the original engine casing thus enabling easy re-fastening of the original brake caliper. The bracket is CNC machined and comes supplied with all the nuts, bolts and washers required for easy fitment. To order, phone PSN on 01924 445449 or visit their website. Price is 26.

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